Travelling Exhibition Rentals

By offering quality exhibitions at an affordable rate, the Peterborough Museum & Archives helps you bring engaging stories about our collective past to your audience.

Fresh presentations on thought-provoking topics, our travelling exhibitions can help you attract both new and returning visitors alike. Each exhibition comes with promotional materials to get the word out to local media, schools and the community at large. Educational programming for Noble Experiment also provide new offerings to students and community groups.

All exhibitions feature high quality graphic design and are made of durable materials. Their straightforward set-up and flexible layout means the exhibitions are easy to use in a variety of settings. They can form an important backdrop for items in your institution’s collection, or stand alone.

What About Funding?

Noble Experiment PosterThe Museum Assistance Program (MAP) can provide financial assistance to Canadian museums and related institutions for the cost of borrowing travelling exhibitions.

The Peterborough Museum & Archives gratefully acknowledges the Department of Canadian Heritage - Museum Assistance Program and the Ontario Trillium Foundation for funding that has made these travelling exhibitions possible.

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Please note that after eight successful touring seasons, the exhibition, "Voices of the Town - Vaudeville in Canada" has been retired from circulation and will no longer be available.

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