The Noble Experiment: Temperance and Prohibition

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Noble Experiment in gallery

The demon rum? Or the cup that cheers? Canadians have been arguing about alcohol for at least two hundred years! The Noble Experiment: Temperance & Prohibition in Canada, explores the debate that affected Canadians on every level: from in their own homes to the national and international stages. It is a story of crime and smuggling, of action and danger, of humour and morality.

This exhibition was developed with funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage - Museum Assistance Program.


  • 3 single panels, 8 bifold panels, 1 trifold panel; each panel is a standard size, 94 cm x 210 cm (37 in. x 83 in.)
  • Fully Assembled ship model of the "I'm Alone"  in plexi case
  • 3 plexi cases containing bottles and packaging
  • 1 copper still with pottery jug
  • 2 life-size cutout figures with wooden stands
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Space Requirements:

Flexible layout, designed for a  75 m2 (750 sq. ft.) gallery.


English and French

Supplementary Materials:

  • Education Programme suitable for Grade 6 to 12: drama, music and demonstrations are featured in this involving program about a fascinating and pivotal period of our history. Linked to the Grade 8 History Curriculum "Canada: a Changing Society".
  • Media Kit: includes public service announcement, background information, promotional photographs/graphics.


$80 per week + applicable taxes and shipping


Borrower responsible for cost of one-way shipping to their site.

Booking Period:

8 weeks or more

For Availability and Bookings:

Travelling Exhibition Coordinator