Elementary School Programs

The following programs are available for booking any time during the school year. Use the online booking form, contact Education Programs, or speak to the Education Officer 705.742.7777 ext 2475

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ARCHAEOLOGY- Grade 3/5/6

Students work through the archaeological process and experience the excitement of a real ‘dig’ as they uncover traces of six Peterborough and area communities.

Ontario Curriculum for Social Studies ‘Early Civilizations’ and ‘First Nations People and European Explorers’ Grades 5 & 6 and ‘Early Settlement in Upper Canada’ Grade 3

“Excellent program. Very suitable for our grade 4/5 medieval/ancient civilization program."

Early Settlement- Grade 3

Students travel back in time to explore life with the Anishnaabe First Nations, and then pack their bags for a voyage on the immigrant ship ‘John Barry’. The journey continues with Peter Robinson’s settlers to a new home in the backwoods of Upper Canada. Along the way students explore the roles and responsibilities of children in each community, and celebrate the timeless delight of toys.

Ontario Curriculum for Social Studies ‘Early Settlement in Upper Canada’ Grade 3

“This program was AMAZING!  It was a direct link to the curriculum we just learned. The kids knew all of the theory but they wouldn't get the hands on from the books so it was great!"

Barnardo GirlsHISTORY MYSTERY- Grade 4,5,6

The adventure begins with a map to your very own treasure chest! Students use primary source documents, maps, recordings, photographs, artifacts and drama to investigate and tell the stories of Peterborough’s heritage.

Ontario Curriculum for Social Studies ‘Heritage and Citizenship’ and Ontario Curriculum for Language Grades 4, 5 and 6.

“The program was excellent, I truly liked all of it. Hand on mapping was excellent to learn about our streets in Peterborough. Thank you very much."


The stories begin in the Museum’s permanent galleries with aboriginal migrations, Treaty 20, and the arrival of the region’s earliest European settlers. Students explore the personal stories of the 1825 Robinson Emigration from Ireland through archival documents, music and drama. Modern day immigration is highlighted by the stories of two remarkable young women from Afghanistan and Somalia.

Ontario Curriculum for History ‘British North America’ Grade 7 and Ontario Curriculum for Geography ‘Migration’ Grade 8.

Jump Into GeometryJUMP INTO GEOMETRY-Grades 1-5

Math at the Museum! Students investigate quilt artifacts with the eye of a museum curator, create patterns in sound, music and movement and use geometric shapes to explore and design their own patterns and quilt blocks.

Ontario Curriculum for Mathematics ‘Geometry and Shapes’ and ‘Patterning and Algebra’ Grades 1 to 5

“This is a perfect program for children in grade 2 & 3. It compliments the geometry curriculum very well.”

“It really caught my eye because it was math based. Instructors and programs were very organized and the activities covered numerous expectations! I was very impressed with the hands on activities!”

Baseball Glove and ballLITERACY AT THE MUSEUM, Grade 4,5,6

Fascinating artifacts from the PMA collection generate ideas for storyboards, reports, letters, drama and story-writing. Student writing will be featured on the PMA website and cataloged in the PMA library.

Ontario Curriculum for Language Grades 4, 5 and 6

Student writing from Literacy at the Museum

Pencil SharpenerSIMPLE MACHINES Grade 2

What is it? How does it work?  Through a variety of hands-on learning activities students decode the ways in which wheels, pulleys, levers and screws combine to make ‘work’ easier.  

Ontario Curriculum for Science and Technology  Understanding Structure and Mechanisms 'Movement' Grade 2

Jellybean and friend

PLAYTIMES PAST- Kindergarten 

In this gentle introduction to Museums, young children enjoy the simple pleasures of a wide variety of games and toys, as traditional Native and settler life is explored with a focus on play!

JK/SK, pre-school

In the course of all program activities, photos will be taken and audio and/or visual recordings may be made. The Peterborough Museum & Archives reserves the right to use all photographs and videos of all our programs, participants, special events and facilities for promotional purposes. Children's names are not used.  Please advise the instructor of any children whose parents have indicated that they may not be photographed.