Northern Owls Education Day: Friday, February 9th


Both beautiful and mysterious, owls provide the perfect example of how an animal's characteristics and adaptations perfectly equip it for their role as predator! Come learn why in these two half day programs that will include a presentation by the Ontario Falconry Centre, and a tour of our new exhibit "Northern Owls" on loan by the Royal Ontario Museum. 

We will be offering both a morning and afternoon workshop each two hours in length. The cost for the workshop is $10 per student, no charge for adults.

  1. Morning Workshop from 9:30-11:30 AM designed to suit the primary grade level. 
  2. Afternoon Workshop from 12:30-2:30 PM designed to suit the junior grade level.

These two hour workshops will include: 

  • A presentation by the Ontario Falconry Centre on live birds of prey (45 mins). Students will see a variety of birds up close including hawks, falcons, eagles and of course… owls!
  • Owl pellet dissection: Students will work in pairs to dissect an owl pellet and in turn learn about the prey- predator relationship and the importance of food chains.
  • An interactive tour of the “Northern Owls” exhibit on loan from the Royal Ontario Museum. As a group we will closely examine and compare 11 beautifully-mounted owl specimens to learn about their distinct characteristics and behaviors. 

Limited spaces available per workshop.

Bookings can be made by contacting Faryn Stanley at 705.743.5180 or by email at