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For the duration of this exhibition, there is a suggested donation of $10 per family or group, and $5 per individual.

Ice Age Mammals

Lions and camels in North America? They lived during a remarkable time in Earth's history - the last ice age - which is the subject of the Peterborough Museum & Archives' (PMA) newest exhibition titled "Ice Age Mammals", on loan from the Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN). The PMA is excited to announce that this will be its first ever blockbuster exhibition. It is scheduled to be on-site for twice the length of any previous exhibition, and will be taking up twice as much space - occupying both our temporary exhibition space, as well as the multi-purpose classroom on the lower level (although the latter will be dismantled in June to accommodate summer camps).

"Ice Age Mammals" presents contemporary and relevant research in an engaging way, focusing on mammals long extinct, climate change, causes of extinction, and human impact," says Carol Campbell, with the CMN's Exhibition Services, who has managed the creation of this exhibition. The CMN collaborated with the Montréal Science Centre, Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre, and the Royal Tyrell Museum in Alberta for this exhibition.

"Ice Age Mammals" boasts many real specimens such as a 40,000-year-old black-footed ferret mummy. There is also a life-sized cast of a mastodon skeleton. Beautiful large murals of ice age artwork by Yukon paleosrtist, George "Rinaldino" Teichmann, are recreated on fabric panels.

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This exhibition will be on display until Sunday, September 8, 2019.