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Building Identity - Discovering Peterborough's Architecture

The identity of Peterborough is heavily influenced by the development of its architecture. As the town grew, its needs began to change creating multiple shifts in the city’s skyline. The motivations behind buildings going up, coming down, and what keeps them standing today are just as strong as the people who live here.  These are the stories of the walls that shaped this city. The Museum Management and Curatorship (MMC) class recognizes that many First Nations groups have historically occupied and contemporarily occupy this land. The focus of this exhibit is on the people, buildings and stories of Peterborough following 1850.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Growth and Industry in Peterborough
  3. Peterborough's Architectural Styles
  4. Peterborough's Lost Architecture
  5. Heritage Designation
  6. Peterborough's Architects and Heroes


This exhibit was curated by the 2015-2016 Museum Management and Curatorship (MMC) class at Fleming College and was on display at the Peterborough Museum & Archives from April 3rd to June 19th 2016 in Peterborough, Ontario. The Museum Management class would like to thank Fleming College, the Peterborough Museum & Archives, the Heritage Preservation Office, and all sponsors for their support in this project.

The exhibit was moved to the PMA’s website in the summer following the exhibition at the Museum. It was made possible by museum staff and support from the Museum Management class while away on internships.

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