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John Belcher
John Belcher is arguably Peterborough’s most famous and prominent architect. He emigrated from Ireland and was appointed town engineer in 1878, a position he held for 20 years. Belcher designed Peterborough Collegiate Vocational School, Market Hall, the Cluxton Block, the County Court House 1879 addition, the George St. Post Office, and multiple churches. Belcher favoured Second Empire style in his designs.

William Blackwell

William Blackwell was born in Peterborough in 1850. He studied architecture in Toronto, Winnipeg, and New York. He is known for his work on Nicholls Hospital, the Bradburn Opera House, the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) and the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA). Blackwell also designed the Royal schools King Edward, King George and Queen Mary. Blackwell was a pioneer of the Romanesque Revival style in Ontario.

Ron Thom

Ron Thom is a Canadian architect known for his award-winning designs of university campuses. Trent University’s riverside campus is considered one of Thom’s masterpieces. His buildings are known for retaining an intimate feel, even when physically large. Ron Thom also designed the modern architecture at Fleming College’s Sutherland campus.

Eberhard Zeidler
Eberhard Zeidler, born in Germany, emigrated to Canada in 1951 and joined the Peterborough architecture firm Blackwell and Craig. The firm is now called Zeidler Partnership Architects, where Zeidler serves as a Senior Partner Emeritus in Toronto. Prominent works in Peterborough include the Beth Israel Synagogue, the Memorial Centre, the Peterborough Museum & Archives, and the downtown Bank of Montreal.

Martha Ann Kidd

Martha Ann Kidd was the first appointed chair of the Peterborough Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee (PACAC). Born in 1917, she advocated for the local architectural history of the city. She served on the Old Buildings Committee of the Peterborough Historical Society. She was an accomplished author and her published works and archival papers can be found at the Peterborough Museum & Archives, Peterborough Public Library and Trent Valley Archives.

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