Building Identity - Introduction

Have you ever wondered who designed and built this city or why your house looks the way it does?  Many of Peterborough's buildings have been granted "heritage designation" status but what exactly does that mean?

Building Identity - Discovering Peterborough's Heritage explores a variety of architectural styles used in Peterborough and how they reflect the city's growth and changing identity that has occurred over the years.  It explores the ins and outs of heritage designation and the positive impact designation can have on a community's built landscape.

Building Identity features architectural artifacts and photographs from the Peterborough Museum & Archives' collection and showcases the city's shifting skylines, as Peterborough changed from an industrial town to the city it is today.  Many of the city's most prominent buildings, both past and present are featured in the exhibition.

Discover the changing identity of Peterborough and the evolution of the city's architecture.


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