Past Exhibitions

The Peterborough Museum & Archives has hosted dozens of temporary exhibitions since it opened in 1967.  Borrowed exhibitions help bring to Peterborough stories that are important to Canadians.  Exhibitions produced in-house allow the Museum to present artifacts not normally on display and to explore topics not covered in the long-term galleries.  The temporary exhibition program also provides opportunities to showcase exhibitions developed by students in Fleming College's Museum Management and Curatorship program.

The following list represents recent major exhibitions displayed at the Peterborough Museum & Archives:


  • Hockey: More Than a Game (Canadian Museum of History)​


  • Northern Owls (Royal Ontario Museum)​
  • If the Shoe Fits: Fashion, Function, Footwear (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • On the Trail of the Monarch Butterfly (Canada Aviation and Space Museum)
  • Terry Fox: Running to the Heart of Canada (Canadian Museum of History)


  • Arresting Images - Mug Shots From the OPP Museum (OPP Museum)
  • Ebb & Flow, Stories of a River City (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • A Matter of Ownership: First Nations and Métis Objects in the Peterborough Museum & Archives Collection (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Made in Canada, Really! (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Voices from the Engraver (Bank of Canada Museum)​


  • Ornamenting the Ordinary: Crafts of South Asia (Royal Ontario Museum)
  • Building Identity: Discovering Peterborough's Architecture (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • What Lies Beneath: Canadian Shipwrecks of Lake Superior(Thunder Bay Museum)
  • The Life and Legacy of Sir Arthur Currie (Museum Strathroy-Caradoc)


  • Scare-itage: Dare You to Look!(Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Battleground: War Rugs From Afghanistan  (Canadian Textile Museum)
  • Winged Tapestries: Moths at Large (Museum of Nature)
  • A Common Thread: Our Clothing, Our Stories (Fleming College - MMC Program)


  • Portraits of the North(Manitoba Museum)
  • Stories of Sacrifice: Peterborough Remembers World War One (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • Freemasonry: A History Hidden in Plain Sight (Bruce County Museum)
  • Egypt: Gift of the Nile (Royal Ontario Museum)


  • War of 1812 (Canadian Museum of Civilization)
  • Canadian Science & Engineering Hall of Fame (Canadian Science & Technology Museum)
  • Hands On Nature (Royal Ontario Museum)
  • Lace Up! Canada's Passion for Skating (Canadian Museum of Civilization)


  • Fakes, Frauds and Forgeries (Royal Ontario Museum)
  • Avro Arrow: A Dream Denied (West Parry Sound District Museum - Travelling Exhibition Partnership Program)
  • Sustainable Peterborough: Looking Back, Moving Forward (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • Wind Work, Wind Play (Canadian Museum of Civilization)


  • Arts of China (Royal Ontario Museum)
  • Canada's Waterscapes (Canadian Museum of Nature)
  • Bell-bottom Days: The 1970s (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • Art From the Archives (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Child's Play (Haldimand County Museum and Archives)


  • Off to the Lake (Fleming College - MMC Program / Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Places of Power: Objects of Veneration (Canadian Museum of Civilization)


  • Quilt Stories: A Stitch in Time (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • The Bishop Who Ate His Boots (Old Log Church Museum, Whitehorse, YK)
  • 20th Century Peterborough (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • Our Feathered Friends (Canadian Museum of Nature)


  • Remembering John McCrae (Guelph Civic Museum / Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • WarDrobe: Women's Fashion in WWII (Kickshaw Productions)
  • Ready to Tear: 1960s Fashions (Kickshaw Productions)
  • Rocks & Minerals (Canadian Museum of Nature)
  • Into the Fire: Peterborough Fire Department, 100th Anniversary (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • Through the Voices of Beads - Iroquoian Beadwork (Royal Ontario Museum)


  • Vikings: Master Mariners, Traders, Colonists and Artisans (Manitoba Museum of Man & Nature)
  • Stories From Near and Afar: 40 Years of Collecting (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Home Grown: From Birch Bark to Green Parks (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • Fossils (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Sila - Clue in to Climate Change (Canadian Museum of Nature)


  • Bats of Ontario (Royal Ontario Museum)
  • Hands of a Master (Canadian Museum of Civilization)
  • Nostra Storia (Our Story) (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • Count Your Pennies (Currency Museum)


  • Passionate Vision (Canadian Museum of Nature)
  • Voices of the Town: Vaudeville in Canada (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Proud Traditions (Canadian Museum of Nature)
  • A Century of Celebration in Peterborough: 1905-2005 (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • A Snapshot of Peterborough at Play (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Shivers: A Study of Winter (Peterborough Museum & Archives)


  • High Diversity (McGill University)
  • Moving the Community: The Peterborough Lift Lock (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • Touch the Ground and Grow Roots: The Chinese Community in Peterborough (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • Wonders of Waterfowl (Royal Ontario Museum)
  • Once Upon a Time: Knights, Castles and Common Folk (Bruce County Museum)


  • Nifty Fifties (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Sitting Pretty: History of the Toilet (Guelph Civic Museum - Travelling Exhibition Partnership Program)
  • Music, Myth and Magic (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • My Name is Nanuq: The Diary of a Polar Bear (Canadian Museum of Nature)


  • Crystals to Gems (Canadian Museum of Nature)
  • Light, Lens and Heart: Portraits from the Balsillie Collection of Roy Studio Images (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Passages to Freedom: Secrets of the Underground Railway (Welland Museum - Travelling Exhibition Partnership Program)
  • Military Memories: The Peterborough Experience (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • Electricity in Action (Royal Ontario Museum)


  • Egypt: Gift of the Nile (Royal Ontario Museum)
  • Cry of the Loon (Canadian Museum of Nature)
  • Avro Arrow: A Dream Denied (West Parry Sound District Museum - Travelling Exhibition Partnership Program)
  • Barely Wearable: Shocking Fashions (Fleming College - MMC Students)
  • Unearthed From the Past: Japanese Artifacts (Richmond Museum)
  • Childhood Memories: Dolls and Marionettes (Peterborough Museum & Archives)


  • Noble Experiment: Temperance and Prohibition (Peterborough Museum & Archives - Travelling Exhibition Partnership Program)
  • Seeds in Disguise (Royal Ontario Museum)
  • Balsillie Collection of Roy Studio Images (hosted at Bierk Art) (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Photo Contest Entries / Parks Studio II (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Peterborough Trivia (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • Canada at Play (Royal Ontario Museum)
  • Whimmy Diddles to Wind-Ups: 150 Years of Toys (Peterborough Museum & Archives)


  • Eddy Le Page & Family (Le Page and Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Captured Moments in Time: The Parks Studio Collection (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Archaeology: Can You Dig It? (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Salute to Scouting: 75 Years of Scouting in Peterborough (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • Unravelling (Peterborough Museum & Archives)


  • The Fur Trade (Parks Canada)
  • Here Comes the Bride (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Having a Great Time!: Postcards from the Collection (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Feelings in Fabric X (Kawartha Quilt Makers)
  • It's About Time (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • Sacred Earth (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Winter (Peterborough Museum & Archives)


  • Vikings: Master Mariners, Traders, Colonists and Artisans (Manitoba Museum of Man & Nature)
  • 100th Anniversary Exhibit (Peterborough Museum & Archives, Hutchison House, Peterborough Historical Society and Lang Pioneer Village)
  • Peterborough Then & Now II (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Katherine Wallis (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Once Upon a Childhood (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • Peterborough Group of Painters (Peterborough Group of Painters)
  • Canadian Contemporary Quilts (Rodman Hall)


  • Pageant of Puppets (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Our Feathered Friends (Canadian Museum of Nature)
  • Portraits of the Yukon (McBride Museum)
  • 'Til We Meet Again: Peterborough at War (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Awakening of the Spirit II (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Peterborough Group of Painters (Peterborough Group of Painters)
  • Changing Clothes: Fashion For Life's Events (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • Roy Studio & History of Photography (Peterborough Museum & Archives)


  • The Seeing Brain (Ontario Science Centre)
  • Wild in the City (Canadian Museum of Nature)
  • Ducks Unlimited (Ducks Unlimited)
  • Showbiz: Past & Present (Peterborough Museum & Archives and Showplace Peterborough)
  • Working With Wood (J. Sharpe Collection) (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Peterborough: Then & Now (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Awakening of the Spirit (Peterborough Museum & Archives)
  • Black & White and Read All Over (Fleming College - MMC Program)
  • Roy Studio Collection / Denne Collection (Peterborough Museum & Archives)