Financial Donations

education1Monetary donations to the Museum are welcome. These donations may be submitted in person, or by mail. For amounts greater than $25, a tax receipt may be issued upon request. Thank you for supporting the Peterborough Museum & Archives!

Donations to the Museum Collection or Archives

An appointment is required when bringing items for donation to the Peterborough Museum & Archives. NO "doorstep donations" please: do not leave items intended for donation either at the front desk, nor unattended at the Museum outside regular hours of operation.

In order to accept a donation, the Museum or Archives must be able to store and exhibit the item according to institutional policies. Potential donations are evaluated according to the Peterborough Museum & Archives Collections Policy which states: "the Museum will accept donations and archival material on the basis of historical significance, research, education and exhibition value, condition and duplication within the collection." Donated material is appraised using our Acquisitions Policy and Mandate as criteria. If accepted, the donor signs a Deed of Gift, transferring ownership to the Peterborough Museum & Archives.

Once accepted, ownership of the artifact or archival material transfers to the Museum & Archives. The Peterborough Museum & Archives cares for the artifacts in the collection in perpetuity, ensuring the history of the community is preserved for generations.

The Peterborough Museum & Archives is designated as a Category A Collecting Institution under the terms of the Canadian Cultural Property Export/Import Act.

For more information:

Please contact the Museum Curator or Archivist to set up an appointment to discuss your potential donation.

  • Send an email to the Archivist 
  • Send an email to the Curator
  • Tel: 705-743-5180
  • Toll Free: 855-738-3755