Fleming College Programs

The Peterborough Museum & Archives is the only Museum in Canada that serves as a College Campus.

The partnership between Fleming College and the Peterborough Museum & Archives is unique. The Museum hosts the Museum Management and Curatorship program onsite and offers research and applied training opportunities for both programs during the academic year.

Fleming Students at the museum

The dedicated teaching teams in both programs, and the many learning partners in the local heritage community, play a significant role in graduate and student success.

Graduates are working locally, regionally, provincially, nationally and internationally and can be found working in museums, galleries, libraries, heritage centres, parks, zoos and archives in Canada and around the world.

Museum Management and Curatorship:
An intensive, fast-paced, immersion experience that provides applied training for careers in the museum, gallery or heritage sectors. The only one year, postgraduate certificate program offered at the college level in Canada.

Cultural Heritage and Conservation Management:
Students learn a wide range of techniques to save the fragile reminders and markers of the past -- preserved for future generations to learn from and enjoy. Graduates can expect to find work in heritage, historical, or cultural organizations and centres, such as archives, museums, historic sites, cultural/heritage institutions, and conservation labs.

For more information:

Contact Gayle McIntyre, Co-ordinator for both these programs of study at Fleming College.