Family Visits

There are always plenty of family-friendly activities available in the galleries.

Admission to the Peterborough Museum & Archives is by donation.Kids wearing animal backpacks

Jellybean’s Backpacks

Jellybean’s Backpacks (bear, moose and otter) are jam-packed with activities for parents and children.  Follow a treasure map through the Museum to discover the bear paw signs that Jellybean left along the way. Each one has something interesting for you to do. Bring the backpack to the front desk when you're done and exchange it for a free gift. 

Jellybean's Hide & Seek Challenge

Jellybean's 10 cubs are hiding throughout the gallery! Can you help our Museum Mascot find the 10 black bear cubs? Look high and low- these cubs could be anywhere! 

Guide to the GalleryBlack bear outline

Grab a "Guide to the Gallery" to help you explore our Permanent Exhibition. This workbook will help you explore our displays, in a fun and interactive way! This mini scavenger hunt will prompt you to look for answers to questions, and hopefully peak your interest to learn more about the Peterborough community.

Play as You Go

You’ll find clothes for dress-up, hand puppets, a grocery store, trains, a reading nook and so much more! 

PMA Playground & Heritage PavilionPlayground structure

The Peterborough Museum & Archives sits on four acres of land within Ashburnham Memorial Park. We have a fabulous accessible playground structure suitable for all ages, and a beautiful Heritage Pavilion perfect for a picnic lunch! 

Featured Exhibitions

New exhibits to explore can be found in the temporary exhibit gallery throughout the year. Visit the Coming Soon page to learn more!